Connection Security:

The use of proxy server is prohibited. When you connect to the network we analyze your ports. If a proxy is detected, you will be banned from the network. Clones are prohibited. Beyond the three connections per same address, you will be banned by the services for 30 minutes. If you connect from an Internet cafe or other public place via a private proxy, contact us, services will be more lenient with you.

Security Chat:

Your IP address is hidden and not decipherable, no person on the chat you can draw and try to access your machine from the cat. Our systems team is here to help, to monitor the proper use of the network and punish flood, spam, or any other behavior contrary to our terms of use which can degrade the service and the tranquility of the visitors. A spam detection system is in place to avoid harassing the advertising on the network.

IRC Services:

NickServ allows you to set and protect your nickname, ChanServ protects your living room, and allows you to configure its moderation.


Several robots are available for webmasters, from simple to advanced robot (automatic about moderation, games, post it, seen, ...) we ask for more information on spam moderation.